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Have you started, are you writing, or in the process of writing your book and in need of an editor? Have you taken such a long break from your manuscript that you do not feel motivated to finish? We can help! 

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Because we have written them ourselves, we know what a gruelling chore essays and dissertations can be. Let us take away your stressful days and sleepless nights by providing you with the help you need!

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Once private and informal, blogs are fast becoming one of the most widely utilized media platforms in which to promote a business. How are you handling yours? Your blog is important - to you and to us!

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Do you have a project that could benefit greatly from monetary assistance? We can help you find the grants that are available to you - and edit the proposal also! Do not let your project suffer because of a lack of time or know-how. Let us help! 

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Are poorly written, poorly structured business posts costing you business? Are you stressed because you do not have the necessary time to carefully select the right words for your business post to be as effective as possible? We can help!

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Whatever you may be writing, we can help you to write it and/or edit what you've already written. From legal and business document editing to resumes and cover letters, if it involves pen to paper or fingers to keypad, we've got you covered!

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The Simply Story Of How We Came To Be

The Your Words' Worth story begins in the winter of 2005. At the time Leanne was a 3rd year university student majoring in English, and for the first time since becoming a student she was vividly hearing her friends and fellow classmates complaining about their poor essay marks. This is not to say that they never before complained, but Leanne had never before heard them. In retrospect she believes that she wasn't really listening.

Leanne had a part-time waitressing job which proved taxing to the body, but not so taxing to the brain that she couldn't spare a couple of hours a week to lend her friends a hand. She made arrangements to hold tutoring sessions every Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm in a quiet classroom in the Arts & Science building. There was only a single student with her that first night, but as the weeks rolled by more and more came until Leanne was forced to add an additional night. She continued this until leaving for graduate school.

While at the University of New Brunswick Leanne operated the Drop-In Writing Centre, an on-campus tutoring service open to students of all levels, but most popular amongst fettered first-year students and (ph)rustrated Ph.D. candidates. This proved an excellent challenge for her as it forced her to research ways in which to provide the highest quality of instruction to all learning levels in the same 30-minute time frame. 

Two years later Leanne returned to her hometown of Gillams, Newfoundland, to assist in caring for an ailing parent. During that time she was introduced to a lovely woman, a retired police officer, who was in the process of writing her memoirs. She was in need of an editor and Leanne, much to her own surprise, came "highly recommended." The 3 months together proved to be an experience of a lifetime, ultimately leading Leanne to consider turning her most enjoyed past-time into a lifelong career. 

In May 2019, Your Words' Worth was born.


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The Words Of Others

“Aspiring authors (as I was) usually don't know where to begin. Leanne helps from that point, all the way through publishing and marketing. Everyone who has a book in their head needs a great Editor. Leanne at Your Words' Worth is the best!” 

Glen Coleman

Owner, Custom Growth Consulting

"Leanne at Your Words' Worth does an amazing job, not just with editing but with writing. She is also very easy to work with. Leanne keeps your goals in mind, communicates throughout the task, and gets the job done well."

Jeannette Payne

Owner, Rock Island Naturals

"Working with Leanne was easy and she gave me a document that I am proud to offer my clients to use in their marketing. I will be using her again in the very near future. If you have something to say in writing, let Leanne read it first."

Antonio McCoy

Owner, mcHoward Business Consulting